Working on commission is a tricky proposition. It is not easy to strike a balance between fulfilling the clients wishes and satisfying the painter's vision.

Those two must be aligned and everyone must be happy with the end result. That is not an easy to goal to achieve.

My approach to portraits, indeed my approach to creating images generally speaking, differs somewhat from more ... normal ... painters.
I aim to express the inside, as well as to represent the outside.
I use symbols - butterflies, flowers, dragon feet, peacock feathers - to express the character of the person I paint, their mind, their personality as I see it.

If you've seen my work you understand that it might end up being a bit...
Strange. Unusual. Pausha.

I do very much enjoy working with clients on custom paintings. I have done several commissioned portraits where I've been given full freedom to interpret and arrange the paintings, and I've been lucky to have created images my customers were completely satisfied with. I say "lucky" intentionally. The commissions went very well. But they could have gone terribly wrong.


I give the client full freedom to accept or reject the final product. While we agree on the final price before we begin, I ask for no deposit. The client only buys the final product if he wants it.

I claim the freedom to arrange and express the subject the client wishes me to portray in whatever way I want, and If the end result does not please the client, I request a release from the client that gives me a full ownership over the image created.

I am completely comfortable with cooperating with the client throughout the process, to share sketches, to discuss visions and approaches, but I do reserve the right of the final say. If it turns out that the client and I can't come into alignment, at the end of the process the client has gained an interesting, creative experience (that cost nothing) and I have a painting to show for my work.

Please contact me for more details on pricing and to confirm size and style.

Comission rates

pen and ink drawing:
11x14 - $400
18x24 - $1600

pen and ink / watercolor painting:
11x14 - $600
18x24 - $1800

For larger formats, contact to discuss. Packaging is included and shipping costs are additional.