To convey the essence of my experience, to convey the insights of my mind, is why I draw. That is why I paint.


Pausha is a painter and a multi-media artist who uses pens and brushes to express her unique perspective on the reality surrounding her.

With no formal art training to speak of, Pausha developed her style through a deeply personal process of exploration of various forms of visual expression. The depth of experience and intensity of focus is reflected in faces of her subjects.

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Through the

Cooking Glass

A strange cookbook for strange people.

surrealistically illustrated cookbook for people who appreciate art and enjoy eating really good food.

Release Date: February 10, 2019

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Working on commission is a tricky proposition. It is not easy to strike a balance between fulfilling the clients wishes and satisfying the painter's vision. Those two must be aligned and everyone must be happy with the end result. That is not an easy to goal to achieve.

My approach to portraits, indeed my approach to creating images generally speaking, differs somewhat from more ... normal ... painters. I aim to express the inside, as well as to represent the outside. I use symbols - butterflies, flowers, dragon feet, peacock feathers - to express the character of the person I paint, their mind, their personality as I see it.

If you've seen my work you understand that it might end up being a bit.. strange. Unusual. Pausha.

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