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Playing with dragons

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It is a dangerous thing, to play with dragons. As it turns out. You might think you’ve achieved mastery over dragons when, with a pen or a pencil, you can place them and shape them as you wish. On paper. You might think: I have the mind of a dragon! It is free and unrestricted, it knows no boundaries, no limits. …

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Sketchbook for life.

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“Must keep a sketchbook. And use it!” I was told by every art teacher, and every professional artist, ever. I saw the wisdom of this precept, intellectually, yet for the longest time I found myself unable to follow it.

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Fame and glory

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Three months ago I was one of many anonymous, artistic beginners. Now I am showing my work at the city hall, in a restaurant, in a show that opens this weekend, and preparing work for a show in the grandest gallery in Santa Barbara.

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Whose art are YOU consuming?

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A very good question, that. Asked by Christopher in one of his latest blog posts, it has intrigued me and prompted me to look at myself and my own art-consumption. He does make a good point: if you are going to be seriously pursuing anything, you will, I believe, look at what others in that field are doing. To learn, to …

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an Audience

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I find being with people interesting, fascinating, rewarding, and challenging. Being with many people whose attention is centered on me, well, it freaks the hell out of me.