It is hard, being human.

Existing within a reality that works who knows how, who knows why, and who knows for how long.

A human finds himself suddenly popping into life with no warning, given no reason for his existence, and no guidelines whatsoever for how he’s supposed to live his life. Or why.

Life does not come with a manual. There are no clear instructions on how to handle one’s existence. There are no instructions on how to manage one’s mind, how to manage one’s body, how to manage oneself.

Humans do, of course, struggle to divine the rules, to uncover the truths that are apparently hidden, and to do what they can to make some sort of sense out of all this mess. For the most part this doesn’t work very well. Human life remains hard.

There are reasons for that, and this is what I write about.

I outline those reasons, and provide some answers as to how to operate a human.

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